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A tip for parents with kids who like to draw

How to give kids feedback on their artwork.

When a child shows his or her parent a recently completed piece of artwork, the usual response is a positive compliment like, "Hey! Great job!". The response is directed to the product, a drawing or a painting. Not towards the process. Not towards the creative procedure that is the driving force behind the product. Yet, it is this marvelous creative force that should be the foundation for encouraging dialog. Instead of comments like, "Hey! Great job!", a process driven comment like, "I see you have used a lot of blue in your picture. Is that your favorite color? Or was there another reason?". Invite the child to discus the thinking process behind the artwork. Acknowledge the effort the child has put into the piece. He or she will feel more recognized for the accomplishment and more encouraged to explore their inner creativity.

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A tip for parents with kids who like to draw

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